Service providers today must continually evaluate their networking requirements to manage a surge in Internet traffic due to expanding broadband penetration, bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications and mobile application growth worldwide. Delivering four times the 100 GbE wire-speed density and nine times the system capacity of competing routers, the Brocade MLXe 15.36 Terabits per second (Tbps) fabric helps ensure greater simplicity with significantly less infrastructure and operational overhead. In addition, it can also transport dramatically more traffic on a single routing platform. To help reduce operational expenditures and promote service provider expansion, the new 100 GbE blades cost just a fraction of competitive offerings. When installed in the Brocade MLXe routers, the new 100 GbE blades enable service providers to deploy the industry’s first Terabit-per-second trunk, which utilizes multiple ports in a single logical link for greater bandwidth and reduced management. This technology supports the streaming of a half-million high-definition video streams over a single managed connection — serving the equivalent of all San Jose, Calif. households — and delivers more than twice the operational efficiency of competitive offerings at a dramatically lower cost. The result is greater profitability gains to help service providers offer ultra-high-performance, yet affordable, broadband connectivity and services for their subscribers.