www.EmploymentCrossing.com AT&T Internet Services is hiring 300 people for jobs at a new call center to open in Detroit before the end of the year. Those hired will provide customer service help for Internet broadband users throughout the Midwest. The jobs will pay an average of $23000 a year with health benefits. AT&T Internet Services does not currently have any employees in Michigan. “We’re bringing jobs back that were previously outsourced outside of the US,” said company spokesperson Joe Steele. According to an economic analysis by the Michigan Economic Development Corp., the facility will generate 410 jobs in the state by 2013, and state government revenues will increase by $3.8 million by 2013. The City of Detroit plans to support AT&T Internet Services with training assistance from the Detroit Workforce Development Department. AT&T Internet Services is a group of companies that provide Internet service under the AT&T brand, including Prodigy and AT&T Worldnet.